Starting with a simple concept, a few silly ideas, and a rather desperate need to steal ideas to keep people interested mixed with a few power games, it has grown over the years and across a large number of campaigns to become a rather large and vibrant world. Hopefully with time, it will get written out for others to share. Hopefully some of my old players will stumble across it and add in things that have been forgotten.

I guess it is time for a summery to help the new viewer. In the campaign time line, nearly 1400 years has past since the first player put their feet down on dirt and started running around. In the intervening years, empires have risen, dark ages have passed, adventures have lived and died yet the world continues… sometimes remember and sometimes forgetting… at least in character. Often the mistakes of a previous generation come back to pay the characters of a later day. Forgive me if I sound like I am rambling… there is a lot to talk about and not all of it is meant for here, the introduction.

I promise to clean it up as I go and get it more organized.

Table of Contents

In the Beginning