In the Beginning

As Corny as it sounds, we should start in the beginning… long before the planet that is the current center stage existed in a recognizable format.

It began before everything with a few scared survivors from the end of time appeared and their arrival came with a bang. You might even call it a Big Bang. But needless to stay, they had a great deal of work to do to fix and repair things. Though their identities are completely erased by time, the mark they left on the young universe is undeniable to those very rare few who even know these three even existed… to those who care to look.

Referred to as the Artificers, these three went out of their way to shape the young universe in a fashion that they recognized, setting in motion the events that would grow to create the multi-verse that we know today. Now this took many many eons to do and they spent a great deal of time waiting and watching, growing progressively more removed from the realities they helped build till everything had gotten too large for even their powers to control and maintain. They ultimately said that what they had accomplished was stable enough and they shut down their great machines and fortresses and retreated to go out and wander the multi-verse, enjoying their works.

Time passed on further and even the races and worlds they helped shaped forgot who they were. Divine powers arose and took root on the many cultures growing on so many diverse worlds. Others discovered the powers of the arcane and others discovered machines. One thing the Artificers noticed in their wanderings through the many world was that seemed something really was helping shape the many universes they had created but nothing they could ever put their fingers on could explain this.

In the Beginning

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